staff Christmas market

Brief: strEAT was approached by one of our clients to organise a Christmas Market reminiscent of a Traditional German Christmas Market for 700 guest. To include a range of Street Food Options, Live music, Photo-booth and Christmas Themed Decor


How we done it

strEAT Proposed an outdoor market consisting of 4 different food stalls to include traditional market favourites such as Beef Goulash, German Sausages, Crepes, Churros and Non-Alcoholic Mulled Wine.

Inside we continued the Christmas theme with some fun activities for staff. This included a live Jazz Band who played a Christmas favourites through-out the day and a themed photo booth. 


'Thanks so much for all your efforts on Monday. The event was a great success and we’ve had really great feedback. Your management of it and general attentiveness was particularly appreciated – it certainly made our lives easier'