#STREATTALK: An Interview With Wanderers Kneaded

#STREATTALK: An Interview With Wanderers Kneaded

In the plethora of Woodfired Pizza Traders it can be difficult to standout, Wanderers Kneaded have however succeeded in hitting the road running. A relatively new business their funky branding and promise for honest, authentic pizza have made them one to watch. We were delighted to catch up with the team and learn more about their artisan pizza brand on wheels!

Q: Your a pretty new company, what are your first impressions of the street food community in Scotland?

A: Although we started our venture fairly recently, we’ve been in hospitality, specifically in the pizza world, for about 10 years, and I must admit this environment it’s refreshing! When you have a restaurant or a takeaway you see others as competition, in the street food world, you see your fellow traders as part of a community! It’s amazing to be part of such a group with a real passion for food.

Q: You use some ingredients from Italy (like Nduja), but do you also source locally? How (if at all) do you combine the Italian pizza making tradition with Scottish produce? 

A: Our strategy for achieving this is using a combination of local markets every day to scout for fresh, high quality produce in the right quantities; using local farms to help us with our selection of meat and cheese; and  an independent Italian supplier that brings us the finest selection of goods such as 00 Caputo flour and San Marzano tomatoes or, as you mentioned, Nduja and Guanciale.

Q: Woodfired Pizza's are one of the more common cuisine types in the street food industry. What separates Wanderers Kneaded from the rest?

A: Our idea born from trying to serve food in the most honest way possible. We are succeeding in being a sustainable pizzeria on wheels that don’t always look for ways to cut corners in order to work. it’s a tricky balance but its genuinely what keeps us going, knowing that day-in-day-out we cook just what we believe in, no excuses, and served to the community that we love. 

Q: In this age, it’s fundamental for businesses to have alternatives for dietary restrictions, so that everyone can enjoy their food. How do you compromise between flavour, quality and dietary restrictions? 

A: Our menus contain many vegetarian options to cater for everyone- but also because it gives us infinitely more possibilities of creating flavours. One combination that has stood our the most for our customers is: Avocado soaked in fresh lime juice, garnished with red chillies and coriander and topped with Pachino Tomatoes and red onion. The name? Deconstructed Guac. We are also able to do this in its Vegan version, where we swap our fresh cut mozzarella with a vegan cheese extracted from rice; in our opinion the best match for the essence of the pizza.

Q: What are your plans for the future? 

A: For the time being, we would like to grow in the community as much as we can here in Edinburgh, but I think the true nature of the Wanderer might bring us to travel some more with our passion. we are young and have a passion for pizzas, the limit is the sky really.

Q: What are your favourite pizza toppings?

A: Guanciale (which is cured pigs cheek) when it melts in a bubbly-fresh-out-of-the-oven mozzarella is definitely remarkable, or our homemade Pesto made with organic basil that we grow ourselves and hand-crushed pine nuts is surely notable, lastly the Pulled Pork, 12 hours slow-cooked overnight in our woodfired oven makes your mouth watery just writing it... see? impossible to choose! 

Q: If you weren't street food traders what would you be?

A: Anything that involves creativity and passion, but again our love for food might just bring us back to work in the industry, it’s second nature to us.

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30th June @ The Pitt Market, Leith

14th July @ Leith Market

26th July @ Off The Tracks

Daily @ South of the Middle Meadow Walk (From Friday 13th July)

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May The Best Eats Win!!!

May The Best Eats Win!!!