Just Desserts: Scotland Wedding Edition

Just Desserts: Scotland Wedding Edition

Wedding season is upon us and planning the big day can be stressful for couples, especially when it comes to the dessert menu. That's why we're here to help by asking food traders here in Scotland about their dessert menu offerings! Food trucks have become a popular choice for couples as they can provide a heightened ambience to the event, as well as decadent desserts for wedding guests.

We asked Tastes Like Crêpe and Buffle Wrap about their wedding dessert offerings, and they gave us the scoop on Scotland weddings and their desserts:

Q: Wedding season is always an exciting time, especially for the couples looking to tie the knot. So tell us, what are your dessert offerings for weddings?

Tastes Like Crêpe (TLC): We offer an extensive range of both sweet and savoury crepes, Galettes, Lefse and Jianbing. The premise of what we do it to use the pancake as a vehicle for interesting flavour combinations whilst still giving a nod to the classics.

For us, if someone has been kind enough to ask us to pitch at their big day, they should really take the lead on what is served. We offer them our menu and customise it to their desires.

For instance, we have Scott and Sarah's wedding coming soon. Scott; he's a cyclist, likes his coffee and would eat nutella by the tub if you'd let him, he's adamant that a crepe we do called 'The Elvis' has to be on the menu. Sarah is a hockey player whose favourite pancake shop is 'The Happy Pig' in Amsterdam. So we will be working to replicate some of what she loves of this place whilst offering our Duck Jianbing, as she has requested.

So basically, we make really good pancakes, which ones, is up to the happy couple.

Buffle Wrap (BW): Bubble Waffles are a street food snack, we have added a sweet twist, perfect for wedding desserts! They have a soft inner with a crisp outer shell and are freshly made. The toppings work like a pick and mix selection, so we offer a range of toppings for customers to choose from.

Q: Do you change your dessert menu up depending on the season?

TLC: We do! Operating seasonally is important to us. This time of year is great as we exploit the bumper harvest of Scottish berries, peaches, blood oranges, gooseberries, asparagus and peas amongst other things. A recent addition to our menu celebrating the strawberry is 'The Womble' it has white chocolate, Scottish strawberries, fresh basil and toasted almonds in it. Sounds odd but if you get the ratio of chocolate to basil right, it is something special.

BW: Yes! When it comes to winter time, we do a mince pie and a ginger bread option. 

We do best in the winter because our waffles are warm and appealing! For the ginger bread option we make the waffle, but we add in cinnamon for that extra Christmas taste. Prior to that I freshly bake the ginger bread, which we then crumble over the waffle with a mini ginger bread man slotted ontop of the cream. 

For our mince pie option we add cinnamon to the waffle batter using mincemeat as a spread with cream and sprinkles of pastry on top. This one can be a bit much, but hey! People love it. 

Q: Where do you get inspiration from when creating desserts?

TLC: Inspiration has come from some odd places. We have a crepe based on a Key Lime Pie that a friend made. It was amazing, I could taste fresh ginger, pokey lime and heavily spiced biscuit. When I asked its creator what they had put in it, the lime was there, but no ginger and no spiced biscuit. So, the next day I fired all of what I had thought I had tasted into a crepe and it is now one of our best sellers.

We have another crepe called 'La Siciliana' that is based on a frozen yoghurt I ate in Milan. It has Pistachio cream, blood orange and passionfruit in it. It is probably our most indulgent menu item.

BW: Anything that I like! Inspiration for buffle wraps came from Instagram three years ago. I wanted one, but when I moved up from Bournemouth nothing was around in the area, so I was like well let’s bring it to Scotland...and I did!

Q: What are your favourite kinds of ingredients to use for a wedding dessert?

TLC: Weddings are decadent affairs so anything with fresh fruit, top quality chocolate or salted caramel normally hits the spot.

BW: What’s different about us is that we give the chance for customers to create their own flavours by picking ingredients they like!

However, toppings varies, and a favourite few are nutella as the spread, whipped cream, bananas, pecans and toffee sauce. Additionally, condensed milk as a spread, whipped cream, oreos and strawberries with chocolate sauce.

Q: Why are food trucks a good idea for catering weddings?

TLC: Food trucks are great for weddings. They are fun and make a great talking point, whilst serving top quality food, the likes of which you wouldn't find in your standard wedding package. They also allow your wedding party to choose what they wish to eat instead of having something plonked in front of them.

BW: Because it provides a vibe to the wedding that you can’t get from inside marquee caterers.

Q: What's your top wedding location in Scotland?

TLC: My favourite wedding venue so far has been Errol Park House in Perthshire. It's right on the water and has stables and fire pits at the back which are perfect for a wicked after party. 

BW: Dumfries and Galloway!

Q: What is your average price per head for a wedding event?

TLC: Price per head is dependent on the menu and set-up required. We offer gazebo or food truck and can facilitate the provision of hot drinks and gelato alongside your wedding's personalised menu.

BW: £5

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May The Best Eats Win!!!

May The Best Eats Win!!!